our story

petit by basics is a proud extension of by basics, a danish brand deeply rooted in traditional values.

established in 2015, by basics was born from the vision of a dedicated team, fervent about crafting ethical, unwaveringly high-quality basic apparel. the by basics founder team consists of:

klaus christiansen, ceo, responsible for supply chain and sales. has worked within the textile industry formore than 30 years – as well as a salesman and as an independent sub-supplier for different danish brands.

peter grensteen, coo, responsible for sales and administration. holds more than 20 years of experience inadministration and business development.

anne dorte thøger, head of design and product management (cdo). responsible for product developmentand design. she has served many years as a designer for various danish brands – until she wentindependent together with klaus in 2002.

gitte borup, head of marketing and some (cmo). responsible for promotion activity, content, and mediaplatforms. similar to anne dorte, gitte has several years’ experience in design and interior styling.

we pride ourselves only to make products that meet our high requirement for quality and comfort. our garments are natural based and manufactured within the eu.

rooted in the snug, cozy essence of danish design and influenced by the Scandinavian way of life, our approach to fashion is all about enduring style. we embrace 'slow fashion,' crafting timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends and remain stylish season after season

all the basics

petit by basics is mindfully made essentials for your little one

petit by basics is made from the same quality material as from our adult brand line - by basics

no minimum orders - a wide range of colours - order only what you need

a few of the styles come in minor assortments still, the majority comes individually so your customers can order precisely the styles, colours, and sizes they need in their shop

everything is designed and knitted in denmark cut by hand and sewn in our factory in poland

100% merino wool

experience the luxurious touch and superior quality of our petit merino wool styles, meticulously crafted from the finest australian and new zealand merino wool.

each piece, with its distinctive raw edges, is hand-cut to perfection, ensuring a bespoke feel tailor-made just for you. while our merino wool garments ideally benefit from air washing to retain their natural oils and longevity, they are also remarkably easy to care for. feel free to machine wash and tumble dry them, but remember to use wool-specific wool detergent to preserve the integrity of the fibers.

our commitment to animal welfare and environmental responsibility is evident in our mulesing-free merino wool, guaranteeing that the sheep are treated with care and respect. moreover, our merino wool is not only non-itchy but also OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals and allergens.

every trim and label meets the OEKO-TEX and FSC standards, reinforcing our dedication to eco-conscious fashion.

proudly knitted and designed in denmark and produced in Europe, our merino wool is as ethical as it is exquisite.

embracing both luxury and responsibility, our 100% biodegradable merino wool fuses scandinavian elegance with a timeless mindset, offering you fashion that's not just beautiful but conscientiously crafted.

· soft and comfortable
· temperature regulating
· anti bactiral effects
· breathable and washable
· non itscy

our cotton

discover the exceptional quality of our cotton styles, crafted from premium, high-quality cotton — a natural fiber derived from the cotton plant's boll.

our cotton features a 1x1 ringspun rib quality, where 'ringspun' denotes a superior spinning process. this innovative method significantly softens and straightens each fiber, resulting in a remarkably strong, soft, and refined cotton fabric. it's more durable and long-lasting than regular cotton yarn.

Our cotton is 100% combed, ensuring minimal peeling. The firmness of the spun fibers also means the side seams stay straight and resist twisting after washing. In our commitment to health and the environment, our cotton is OEKO-TEX certified, guaranteeing it's free from harmful chemicals and allergens.

all trims and labels also adhere to the OEKO-TEX and FSC standards, affirming our dedication to responsible fashion.

designed and knitted in Denmark, and produced in our own factory in poland, our cotton combines style with functionality, offering benefits like exceptional softness, breathability, and easy washability.

· soft and comfortable
· breathable and washable
· superior quality